Dear Reader,

I am very disappointed at the result of the recent EU referendum as, like the majority of Scots, I voted to remain. Despite the vote which, in Scotland, was split 62% remain against 38% leave, I do not believe it will trigger a second referendum on whether or not the country should remain part of the United Kingdom.

I know that Alex Salmond is huffing and puffing about calling for this but reality is entirely against him and, in any event, Nicola Sturgeon will not, in my opinion ask for it. And it is a question of asking. Although we have a Scottish Parliament, Westminster still needs to give permission to hold a national referendum.

There is not constitutional obligation for the UK Government to allow this to happen and I personally doubt that they would. In post Brexit London there are far more important issues that need to be sorted out including who will be the next Prime Minister. It is very doubtful whether the Scottish economy could handle independence and it is very interesting that Ms Sturgeon did not push for greater reforms even before the Brexit debate came into focus.

My belief is that the Scottish Land Reform Act will still come back to bite the SNP where it really hurts, in their pockets. Laird bashing may be a vote winner in Scotland’s central belt but the
reality in rural and highland Scotland is massively different.

The prospect of my English friends and relations needing a visa to visit Dympna and me at Strath Gask remains, in my view, a very distant prospect.

Kind Regards,
Sir Findo Gask Bt, of Strath Gask in Perthshire

Sir Findo Gask and Strath Gask are fictional creations from Graham Paskett’s novel Findo’s Mousetrap