This brilliant story in The Daily Telegraph comes on top of 30+ crates of the iconic second world war planes that were found in a warehouse in Burma.  Findo’s Mousetrap could, of course, identify the location in Birmingham and actually see the workmen in the 1950s putting the planes into crates for preservation.  It’d certainly be able to clear up mystery and conjecture.  And if the Mousetrap could see into the future as well as the past, it could predict for us what will happen as the Mayan Apocalypse finally arrives on 21 December.

If there are any boffins out there who would like to step forward and bring the contraption in the book to life, we’d have ourselves a whole new game plan!  But for now we have to content ourselves with the book.

Christmas is traditionally a time for ghost stories and the concept behind the Mousetrap takes it to a new dimension in this computer age.  And so, in absence of a real Mousetrap, if you are having a Kindle as a gift, download the book to transport yourself into your very own Christmas tale.

Happy Reading and Ghost Hunting